Quick snoring self diagnosis

Important Note: This quick snore self diagnosis is just that - self diagnosis. If you're at all concerned with your or your partner's snoring, then we highly advise you to seek a professional diagnosis.

The quick snore self-diagnosis

The aim of this test is to give you an idea of why you snore so you can decide what to do to try and minimise the snore.

Do you snore only while on your back?

Good news - if you snore only while on your back then the chances are that your snoring problem is mild. There's a good chance that changes to your lifestyle may allow you to rid or reduce that snore.

Do you only snore with your mouth open?

Sleeping with your mouth open may cause the soft palate to vibrate as air passes by. This may be a minor problem which is solved by sleeping with your mouth closed (ok, easier said than done!). There is a chance though that there is a problem with some of the tissues in your throat.

Do you only snore with your mouth closed?

Snoring with your mouth closed is less common than open mouth snoring. There could be a problem with your tongue so it would be worthwhile consulting a specialist.

Do you snore no matter what?

We're sorry to say it but your snoring has the hallmarks of being a more severe problem. We suggest you make an appointment with your doctor or a specialised sleep clinic as you may need special treatment.



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Alvaro Hahl said on 19-Dec-2009, "Stop Snoring Products":
Im glad to see that I don't have severe problem with snoring but you have enlightened me into seeing a medical professional for my problems
sharlene said on 28-Aug-2011, "MY partner has a serious snoring problem":
he snores with his mouth closed on his back and on his side weve tried every spray strips etc nothing works its so loud you can still hear him with ear plugs HELP ME...ive been sleeping on the floor in the lounge for 4years now im tired and have 2 children to raise...
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